My fight
Against by the state organised patent theft!

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I have the worldwide new Zilic-Bracket-Welding-procedure at the company Emhard Teknologies / Tucker GmbH developed, and then patented. (Patent No. DE 10 2004 026 929)

My Zilic-Bracket-Welding-procedure, I have introduced 1999 in the production at the Ford Werke AG , and with thus the hitherto used spot-welding process replaced. I received the Award of Excellence in 1999, but no corresponding remuneration.

My former employer, the Ford Werke GmbH, I have the invention several times duly reported. The, for the transfer of the rights on my patent, necessary unrestricted claim to the invention, was followed after the deadline. The Ford Werke GmbH denies the clearly to late, formless delivery and has sued me to transfer them my patent.
Meanwhile, I have the Ford-Werke GmbH several times sued and the Ford-Werke GmbH has several times sued me. The Ford Werke GmbH is, through the unrestricted claim to the invention, legally required to determine and pay a remuneration (§12 (3) ArbnErfG).To receive the money, which is legally mine, I should sue again, according a statement of a Ford lawyer.

The company Emhard Teknologies / Tucker GmbH, Giessen (Ford supplier) has banned me by court, continues to claim, that the of them displaced Weldfast-procedure is my procedure, which they distribute since 1999. I have my Zilic-bracket-welding-procedure in 1998 at the company Emhard Teknologies / Tucker with their, of me modified equipment, developed. Naturally there are witnesses about this. If I act contrary to the judgement, I have to go 2 years in arrest. The judge of the District Court Düsseldorf, 4b patent chamber, who has the verdict spoken, I have repeatedly disqualified because on grounds of bias.

Without guilt, I am in the catches of Justice advised and wonder that in Germany not everyone who has right gets his rights. The law depends on the agreement between the lawyers, judges and solvent corporations. The laws are flouted.



At the Cologne Labour Court was established by a judge, who has never seen me, let alone spoken with me, officially initiated an interdiction procedure against me, by he asked my lawyer at whether I am suable. Thereupon I have these judge in several court cases, rejected on grounds of bias. I once even refused the negotiation and suffered, that a judgement by default was issued against me. At the next negotiation the rejected judge was sitting again as judges chairman at the table of the judges. After I have these judge in black and white termed as a NAZI, with the intention to remove him final from the desk of judges, the prosecutor Cologne began to investigate against me. The competent prosecutor call it in her statement of claim, as usual and normal procedure to call another man as incapable of suing or being sued and with thus finally as mentally ill. Against the judge was nothing done, I was adopted by the district court of Cologne to a 2-year suspended sentence for libel and fraud (!) condemns.

A judge of 2 Senate of the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf has uphold an order of the chamber of 4b Duesseldorf district court, over an interlocutory injunction against me. This interlocutory injunction, secured against me by the Ford Werke GmbH, forbid me to say that my patent is my patent, and to offer it onto the market. Such omission court order is, according to law, only allowed by the patent holder (§§ 9, 10 PatG). The judge of the 2 Senate creates its own rules.


Prosecutor/General Prosecutor

The prosecutor NRW and the General Prosecutor's Office don't investigate in all cases concerning the Ford Werke GmbH, although according principle of legality and official principle each report must be determined. At all my - 21 criminal charges - because forgery of document, false statements in court, bribery and corruption, fraud, betray of the own party, etc. -- refused the prosecutor to start investigations.

I got at the end of 2006 a criminal charge against me, because I called the opposing attorney and his "network" as a gang and I have pointed out, that these connections are a criminal organization, within the meaning of the Penal Code. (Organized crime)
In contrast to my 21 criminal charges, over momentous torts, therefor are 5 to 10 years imprisonment in the Criminal Code planned for, the charge against me will be immediately investigated.

The public prosecutors are bound at the instructions of their superiors (Section 146 GVG), those superiors are the justice ministers of their federal state. Justice ministers are politicians, which give the public prosecutor's instructions, how to handle with the legitimate billion demands of inventors.
What dimensions this "advice" has is not verifiable. Lobbying it can’t named. The lawyer, who the Ford Werke GmbH and VW (Volkswagen) represents, is seated as a consultant at the table of the Federal Justice Minister Zypris. Lobbying it can’t named. It obtrude itself the suspicion of state-sponsored corruption.

Meanwhile, I have heard from other Justice victims that the prosecutor's generally do not investigate against big corporations (such as Bayer, Volkswagen, Ford). There must be a deal between big industry and judiciary, that they don't have to pay for the patents of the inventors. The by the law guaranteed payments, are by the courts prevented by all means. The perversions of justice by judges stay without consequences, because the prosecutor do not investigate. The perpetrators are in safety.

Unembarrassed the lawyers of these companies talk big, that they wait on the "biological" solution, and that they will have then an easy game with the heirs.



The professional quality of lawyers is alarmingly low. Without permanent control of the "Expert work" you will be very professionally cheated of your money.
Whether money resources are payed from the opposite side to my lawyers, can not be accurately determined, because the competent prosecutor in Cologne refuse investigations.

One of my lawyers was once a judge at the administrative court, and she has my lawsuit three times inconclusive written. An inconclusive written lawsuit has at result, that the lawsuit will be rejected. The reasonable suspicion (by documents substantiated), that my lawyer received € 100,000 from the Ford Werke GmbH, was from the competent prosecutor dismissed, with the remark, "She might have it from her aunt". End of the investigations.

My three lawyers, which I have appointed for the appeal oppose the interlocutory injunction, which was of the Ford Werke GmbH established against me, at the Higher Regional Court of Duesseldorf, doesn't appear on 28.09.2006 in court. The defaulted lawyers, wanted before the beginning of the oral hearing 5,000 euros by myself, with the announcement otherwise not to appear in court - I have not paid. A default judgement, I could only ward off by a fourth lawyer, which I have precautionary brought with.


Large corporations and the LKA - Landeskriminalamt (Crime Investigation Authority):

For the surveillance of its own staff also uses the Ford Werke GmbH the investigation Software (Fahndungssoftware) of the LKA - Landeskriminalamt (Crime Investigation Authority) under the pretext to combat economic crime in their own company.
According to a report by the magazine FOCUS Magazins 36/2006 is a LKA (Crime Investigation Authority) investigation Software (LKA-Fahndungssoftware) at several large corporations, as DaimlerCrysler in use. LKA (Crime Investigation Authority) investigators get with this software with a push of a button live recordings of telephone calls, Internet traffic, money transfers and movement patterns.The software identify holders of telephone lines, knows who drives which car and about what a credit card was used. The program understand several languages.

That large corporations can take LKA-investigation Software (Crime Investigation Authority /Fahndungssoftware) for their own interest, under employment of LKA employees, is a flagrant offence of the legally guaranteed privacy and against human rights, of which the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany is based.



The Ford-Werke GmbH has, after the publication of an article about me, with the Cologne publisher phoned and threatened, if again an article appears about me, they will no longer place advertisements at in publishers newspaper. This was told me by one journalist which was interested in of my case, and whom was prohibited to write an additional article about me.

The Ford Werke GmbH enforced a publication ban. Through this abuse of power they prevented the publication from: Prevention of the freedom of the press, patent theft, bribery, fraud, forgery of documents, misuse of data protection (LKA-Software) and the foundation of a state-criminal organization etc.

The criminal organisation, which steer Germany, has with one call to the appropriate place in the Cologne publishing house used their well-functioning networks. The lawyer who the Ford Werke GmbH interest represent, is also attorney for this publishing house, he is policy adviser to the federal Justice Minister Zypris.


Government Relations

An Iranian lawyer, has submitted in my name a petition in Strasbourg. She then got a visit in Iran by Iranian government officials. The government officials declared her, that it would have been bad consequences for her, if she will once again do something in my case.

I have presented my Zilic-Bracket-welding procedure in a company in Sweden. The presentation was a resounding success, such a procedure was unknown in Sweden. Some e-mails went back and forth. Then I heard nothing more from this company. Through private contacts, I heard then that employees of the Swedish Government have that company instructed, that they should no longer be preoccupied with my procedure. The with my procedure concerned employees of that company is not allowed to be in contact with me.


At my home strange happens:

- My apartment is bugged (one of my lawyers knew things I have discussed only privately!)
- In my closed, parked car, I found cigarette ash, although I do not smoke and I didn't take with a smoker in my car.
- Who has phoned with me must reckon with calls, which will be hang up immediately when the called side begin to speak. (Several of my friends have complained about it to me.)
- My computer develop at night a life of its own and turns on without any help from me. (With great astonishment, I watched how was tried to
surmount my firewall.)
- From the speakers of my computer come noises, as if someone rub over a microphone, although I turned off my speakers.
- To the stealthy photographing, the furtive accompaniment of my person by strangers, I have myself already accustomed. (I hope that they will be well-paid, then they have at least some of the nonsense.)
- There are put Undercover agents onto me, which are disguised as journalists and good friends. But so clumsily, that a fool can see, what purpose these new acquaintances have.


All that leaves me cold:
"I'll fighting further! Quickly they will never see the last of me."“

If you are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact me - also like via e-mail.

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